The best is yet to come

It's interesting enough that after having my last baby I’ve finally managed to care more about the essentials my little one uses, nevertheless I’ve always cared but I wasn’t aware of the deficient products that were available on the market. I’ve always been taking that trip to the store and purchasing what was in stock “available” I might add. Not knowing or allowing myself to identify the hazardous elements that were integrated in them or doing my research. I started a new chapter in my life to obtain and to share only the best silicone products on the market that are FDA approved 100% Food Grade silicone, BPA/ PVC free, durable  non- Toxic and safe. Being able to share this journey with you and may kids is what makes me happy and leads me to become a better mom. Safety is a huge concern for many new moms and moms that are moms already so I  know just how crucial and scary it is introducing a new product or toy to your baby, many questions arise such as…what is it made of, will this product be durable enough or is this harmful to them, what will happened once they put their mouth on it? Ive also wondered all those questions plus more. I've always been told to educate myself, so I'll do the research so you won't have to and If my baby loves it, then be sure you’ll see it in my store for your little ones to enjoy. We are excited for what's to come and cannot wait to share and explore our new upcoming products with you all.