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Mini Straw Cup

Mini Straw Cup

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A silicone straw cup with a stopper is a child-friendly drinking vessel designed to help toddlers transition from bottles or sippy cups to using regular cups. It features a silicone straw for easy sipping and a stopper or valve mechanism that prevents spills and leakage. The stopper ensures that liquid only flows through the straw when the child is actively drinking, reducing messes and promoting independent drinking skills.

The silicone material is often chosen for its durability, safety, and softness, making it suitable for little hands and mouths.

Compact, convenient for babies to use when dining out or traveling.

What's included

1 Cup color of your choice
1 Lid for the cup
1 Star with a stopper

How to use

Wash throughly before use!
open the cup, add beverage, make sure the straw is in the lid hole before closing shut. Give it to your toddler.

Supervising your child while using this product is highly recommended.


Made from 100% grade silicone.
Free from BPA, PVC & Phthalates.

Promotes hand mouth coordination skills. Easy to use and easy to maintain.


Wash thoroughly in warm soapy water, rinse and air dry.
Dishwasher safe top of rack only but the best way to clean your bibs in by hand in warm soapy water.
Do not use abrasive cleaning agents, abrasive sponges or sharp objects for cleaning.

Dishwasher Safe
Do not wash in washing machine.

Warning: Always use with adult supervision. Inspect the product before each use. Throw away at first signs of damage or weakness. Never leave child unattended while using this product.

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